Musings of Yoga Teacher Training: Week One

Week 1: Patience, Managing Expectations and Going With The Flow

Yoga teacher training has long been on my bucket list. Not necessarily because I see myself becoming a teacher, but simply because I was drawn to the idea of deepening my practice in the birthplace of yoga and why not get certified while I do it!

I arrived with a backpack full of leggings and a head full of expectations; I envisioned myself stepping over the threshold of Om Yoga Academy, immediately attaining enlightenment, finally nailing Sirsasana, magically remembering all of the Sanskrit names by heart and getting that yoga glow.

The reality of it was that none of this was going to happen without a hell of a lot of effort on my part. My yoga practice was stripped back to its roots, my head filled with information that it could not yet digest, my body lethargic and aching from adjusting to the jetlag and twice (sometimes thrice) daily asana practice.

Image courtesy of  @traveler_with_a_dress

Image courtesy of @traveler_with_a_dress

What I loved:

  • Having the cleanest nostrils of my life, thanks to a daily jala neti practice – one of the six  Shatkarma’s (cleansing process). A little weird at first, but, you know how amazing your sinuses feel after a swim in the ocean, well that’s what it feels like!

  • Amazing food! Three nutritious meals prepared for me daily by the amazing Sanchiv. Everyday was something different! Daal, aloo tikki, chlow bhatur, poha…I could go on and on! And it was such a relief to not worry about getting “delhi belly”. They cook with a quarter of the oil normally used in Indian cooking, so I never felt heavy after eating.

  • Building incredible connections and learning people’s stories. Kelly and Satveer who run the academy were immediately welcoming. Satveer is somehow warm and authoritative simultaneously. We have a few locals in our classes who are full of joy and constantly make me laugh. And the lovely Ruta, my fellow student, right by my side throughout the journey.

  • Creating space in my body and seeing my body’s potential.

  • Learning, learning and more learning! It has been so long since I last studied, and I am LOVING it like the big nerd that I am! This week’s fun fact; did you know that only one of your nostrils works at one time depending on your current disposition. For example, when you’re building up a sweat in asana, your right nostril is active. When you’re practicing mediation, it’s your left nostril. Mind officially blown!

Spectators on the bank of the Ganga

Spectators on the bank of the Ganga

During the first week I found myself getting frustrated and impatient, wanting to be able to do every pose perfectly and wanting to know everything immediately. Yet on reflection I realise that this is part of my journey, this is why I am here. To learn to slow down, to let go and enjoy the moment. Be vulnerable to my weaknesses and inspired by my potential. To go with the flow of the sacred Ganga.

Are you thinking about 200 hour YTT? Let me know below if you have any questions. Or maybe you have your own experiences that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.