We are Akasha Yoga Pieces, an ethical accessory company 100% made in Guatemala. Our pieces are crafted from Mayan textiles rescued from landfill, transforming them into covetable yoga props to inspire you to get your cute butt onto the mat.

Multi-tasking may get a bad rap these days, but while you’re working up a Zen sweat, you can help others. 7 out of 10 Guatemalan children are malnourished, which makes our hangry mood swings seem not so bad hey?

That’s why our accessories will transform you into both a warrior (through poses 1, 2 and 3) and a saint, because by purchasing them, you’ll be directly supporting Guatemala’s marginalised indigenous people.

5% of proceeds from every online sale is donated to the amazing Konjel Community Centre, which combats malnutrition and poverty in Guatemala.

So even if you don’t nail that pigeon pose, you’ll walk off the mat with your head held high, knowing you’re making a difference where it counts.



You know that feeling you get after the fourth round of sun salutations? That buzz when you feel strong and invincible, as though you could solve world hunger, create world peace and discover a cure for the common cold, all simply with a deep inhale?

Our mission at Akasha is to inspire that feeling everyday, both on and off the mat.

Whether it be remembering to bring your Keep Cup to the cafe, taking a breath instead of blasting your horn at a fellow driver, or caring about the wellbeing of someone you’ve never met.

Because really, isn’t that what yoga is all about?



We can’t all be enlightened beings, but we try our best, right? At Akasha we use yoga’s moral guidelines, The Yamas, to guide us in our business practices:




Being sustainably conscious by giving love to discarded textiles, producing only minimal waste and being mindful of our impact on the environment (carbon off-set, recycled packaging).



Honouring the incredible artisans who make our pieces by having a transparent manufacturing process.



Developing fair relationships with our artisans and providing them with meaningful employment.



maintenance of vitality

Encouraging people to make time for a yoga practice and to carry yoga’s philosophies into their lives.



Giving back is important to us. That why we donate 5% of proceeds from every online to Konojel Community Centre.



From the outside, we (Emily and Luke) lived pretty successful lives, working in the somewhat glam fashion and music industries…but we felt unfulfilled. Sounds familiar right?

So we waved 'adios' to Australia and greeted the blissful shores of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan. There we rose with the sun, retired with the moon and practiced yoga daily by the lake. We bought fresh produce from local farmers, hung out with the kids from Konojel, learned Spanish, explored local villages and discovered the country’s beautiful hand-woven textiles.

When you’re this grounded and connected, you can’t resist the urge to give back and so the idea of Akasha was born.



Why did we pick such a hard to pronounce name? Because this Sanskrit word translates to ‘ether’, and we're all about creating space on the mat, within yourself and in your surroundings.

With Akasha's collection of yoga props and related accessories, you can create a mindful space around you to inspire your practice (even on those days you’d rather just eat chips on the couch).




The Yoga Strap

One leg longer than the other? No way! Us too! That's why these straps are amazing to use in your practice. They're also great for carrying your mat around in style.

The Yoga Strap Purse

Nowhere to put your keys? Say goodbye to suss lumpy bulges in your leggings and say heya to our handy little purse. Simply clip it onto your yoga mat carrier and away you go!

The Eye Pillow

Tough day at the office, or feeling exhausted from binge watching cat videos on YouTube? Just pop one of our magical eye pillows on and zone out with some deep breath meditation. The refreshing scent of eucalyptus and lemon will clear both your nostrils and your mind.