AKASHA YOGA PIECES is an ethically focused yoga accessory company, 100% made in Guatemala, transforming pre-loved hand-woven textiles into unique yoga props. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, celebrating and preserving this ancient Mayan art form and carrying the stories of its creator within every thread.

Akasha yoga straps are not only a stylish way to transport your mat to-and-from class; they’re also a useful tool that can enhance your practice no matter your level of experience. Akasha yoga straps allow you to fit a pose to your body, helping you achieve correct yoga posture and alignment, by giving length and support to poses.


Akasha Yoga Pieces is the creation of Emily Klein and Luke Della Santa, two nomadic Sydney-siders passionate about yoga, sustainability and supporting the local communities they find themselves a part of. Scouring the bustling markets of Guatemala, they hand-select and create the most striking designs, learning the story of each piece and it's artisan.

Just as we are conscious of our movements on the mat, we now live in an age where it is imperative to be conscious of our actions off the mat; namely, how we spend money and the flow-on effect this has on our wellbeing, the environment and the people who craft the products we purchase.




Purchasing goods through Akasha Yoga Pieces promotes a healthy economy and generates a steady income within the indigenous Guatemalan communities that we align ourselves with.

We are passionate in the promotion of conscious shopping. We want you to feel confident that when shopping with us, your money is going to a worthy cause. By purchasing an Akasha Yoga Strap, not only are you supporting the local artisans of Lake Atitlan, but for every online sale Akasha will donate 5% of proceeds to Konjel Community Centre, an incredible organisation, very close to our hearts.

Their mission is to address chronic malnutrition in San Marcos La Laguna through providing a hearty meal every weekday to 60 of the most at risk individuals, most of which are children. In addition to these meals, they provide nutrition workshops and daily education enrichment program for children. To learn more about Konojel and their initiatives visit www.konojel.org