Akasha Yoga Straps are a useful addition to your yoga practice regardless of what level you are, helping you to achieve correct yoga posture, giving length and support to poses and ultimately enhancing your entire yoga practice.


As a beginner, a strap acts as an extension of your limbs to help you achieve the benefits of poses and build memory for proper posture.

As a yogi who has had time away from practice, or someone who is recovering from an injury, a yoga strap will aid you in easing back into poses and help you to better execute poses without compromising your alignment.

For advanced yogis a strap is a great tool to challenge yourself through creating resistance in a pose to deepen your practice whilst maintaining proper alignment.

Or for many of us out there, maybe you have one leg longer than the other, or short arms or whatever unique quality it may be, yoga straps can help to fit a pose to your body.


For more inspiration on how to incorporate your yoga strap into your yoga practice check out

Photographer - Valentina Schulte

Yogi - Kimberley Fry

With special thanks to Orana Fashion College & Nimble Activewear