421 NEBAJ (S)


421 NEBAJ (S)


This one-of-a-kind yoga strap has been handcrafted from authentic Mayan weavings, exclusive to the region of Nebaj, Guatemala. Employing ancient weaving techniques, each piece is a unique design, carrying the soul of its creator within every thread.

Not only does this strap make transporting your mat easy and effortless, it also functions as a device to help you achieve correct yoga posture, giving length and support to any pose, enhancing your entire yoga practice.

·       Black lining

·       Adjustable loop ends to fit any size mat

·       Akasha hand printed logo


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100% Made in Guatemala

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Situated high in the mountains of western Guatemala, is Santa Maria Nebaj, more commonly known simply as Nebaj, a small, almost untouched village located close to a Mayan archaeological site of the same name.

The traditional textiles of Nebaj are highly regarded as one of the most beautiful in all of Guatemala due to their bold geometric designs in rich colours of emerald, blue and burgundy. Because of this, the art of weaving is still highly regarded and continues to be passed on through generations.